Burkina Faso: Army colonel becomes Prime Minister


Lt Col Isaac Zida named transitional prime minister following President Compaore’s resignation earlier this month.


Col Zida was one of the officers who took power when former President Blaise Compaore was forced to resign on 31 October during mass protests. He is now expected to hold talks on forming a transitional government.

The soldier – considered by some to be part of the ‘old guard’ due to his former position as a member of Mr Compaore’s presidential guard – has declared himself as head of state. On Tuesday he approved the swearing-in of former Foreign Minister Michel Kafando as interim president under a transitional charter which will also see Burkina Faso hold elections in a year’s time.

The charter calls for an interim legislative chamber to be installed until the elections take place.

Ousted president Blaise Compaore had held office for almost three decades, having first seized power in a coup in 1987. He went on to win four disputed elections.

Thousands of people took part in protests in early November against Mr Compaore’s attempts to extend his rule.

Fresh doubts

Analysts say the army’s role in restoring order in Burkina Faso has been significant, but some doubts have been raised over Col Zida’s intention to restore civilian rule.

In a statement the United States urged Burkina Faso to “build on the momentum of the past two weeks and to select individuals to serve in the transitional government who are firmly committed to a democratic, civilian government.”

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