Growing Green Africa


The African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched a new Growing Green series to expand stakeholder and public knowledge about its Climate Investment Funds (CIF) partnership in Africa.

It will offer a print and online brochure providing an overview of the AfDB / CIF portfolio, including pivotal data about the 16 African countries with climate-smart investment plans, and highlighting the 11 projects already underway in 8 of those 16.

There will also be an online newsletter giving a regular update of news and features in the portfolio, including highlights in technology solutions, voices for CIF in Africa, and country-specific features.

The 16 countries in the AfDB/CIF portfolio are on tap to carry out 25 projects: 16 in renewable energy, 3 forest projects, 5 climate resilience projects, and 1 transport project. Of these 25 projects, 11 are already approved and are getting up and running, with $450m of CIF funds and an additional $1.1bn from the AfDB.

In a recent development, on November 1st CIF approved $50m for energy access expansion in Liberia under the SREP – Scaling up Renewable Energy in Low-Income Countries. In a country with less than 2% energy access, Liberia will use SREP resources to support efforts to increase energy access via off-grid electricity solutions; develop renewable energy such as small hydro, solar, biomass, and hybrids; and complement expansion of centralized generation and transmission facilities to contribute to the national goal of achieving 35% electrification rate by 2030, the CIF said.

“With the SREP, we will have a wide range of social economic impacts across the country. Expanding energy access will create jobs, empower women, and allow people to generate income and add value to their activities. This is going to be huge because it is looking at the grassroots level in rural communities that are far off the grid,” explained Augustus Goanue, Executive Director of the Rural & Renewable Energy Agency of the Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy.

Sixteen Countries with Climate-Smart Investment Plans

Burkina Faso
Promotion of sustainable forest management, protection of state forests

DR Congo
Support for REDD+, tackling deforestation.

Wind, solar and urban transport. Gulf of Suez wind farm.

Integrating geothermal, wind in national power system.

Arresting deforestation, put REDD+ in wider context.

Menengai geothermal.

Expansion of on- and off- grid renewables.

Solar PV, mini-hydro, bio-fuel technology expansion.

MENA Region
Acceleration of global CSP. Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia.

Promoting renewable in overall electricity portfolio; wind power, energy conservation.

Support for sustainable land, water, agricultural resilience.

Fighting desert encroachment, drought; sustainable land management, updating weather and climate information.

Promoting renewables, energy efficiency, urban transport.

South Africa
Large-scale solar, wind; promoting private sector investment.

National power sector, rural electrification.

Early warning systems, farmers’ adaptation.

The CIF and partner Multilateral Development Banks including the AfDB have created “private sector set-asides” for projects under the Forest Investment Programme (FIP), the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR), and Scaling up Renewable Energy in Low-Income Countries (SREP), making special funds available for innovative projects engaging the private sector.

REDD = reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. REDD+ also includes conservation and sustainable management of forests and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

Projected results from the portfolio include   

  • 120m tons of CO2 reduced through three of the CIF programs (Clean Technology Fund (CTF), Forest Investment Program (FIP), and Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Countries (SREP)
  • Poverty substantially reduced in project areas in Burkina Faso (5%), DR Congo (6%), Ghana (10%), Mozambique (14%), and Zambia (35%)
  • 1.7 GW increased energy through renewables in the currently approved projects: 400 MW geothermal, 520 MW hydro, 550 MW wind, and 260 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • 61,000 hectares of regenerated forest in the three countries under the FIP portfolio: 23,000 ha in DR Congo, 22,000 ha in Ghana, and 16,000 ha in Burkina Faso.

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