News in brief

Sudan to report Israel to UN

Sudan has announced that it will complain to the United Nations after Israeli jets allegedly flew into Sudanese air space and destroyed an arms factory. Sudan says that Israel has entered its air space three times. Israel has not yet commented on the claims, although a defence official described Sudan as a “dangerous terrorist state” in a radio interview.

It has been reported that the arms factory may have been operated by Iran to produce and transfer munitions including rockets to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

South Africa: Striking miners agree pay deal

South African unions have agreed a deal with gold mining companies, increasing hopes of a resolution to a bitter and often violent dispute. The National Union of Mineworkers along with two other unions have signed the deal, but details remain unclear.

South Africa’s mining industry has been ravaged in recent months, following the strikes, which have seen over 40 people die in violent clashes with police. The National Treasury says that the dispute has cost South Africa over 10bn rand ($1.1bn).

African Union ends Mali suspension

Mali has been allowed to re-enter the African Union, after its suspension was lifted.

The suspension was imposed in March this year after a military coup left the country in chaos. However, after renewed plans for elections and a return to law and order, the decision was made to lift the suspension and invite Mali back into the AU.

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