Nigeria: Examining Nollywood

Nigerian poet and critic Odia Ofeimun gets up close with a cultural phenomenon.

Picture: 10b Travelling

The Nigerian poet and critic Odia Ofeimun has been taking an in-depth look at Nigeria’s wildly successful film industry in a new audio documentary published on Afropop Worldwide’s Soundcloud page.

The industry – dubbed Nollywood – has taken the continent by storm, spawning numerous copycats and spreading right across sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of the number of films released each year, Nollywood is second only to India’s famous Bollywood industry, with over 200 films produced annually. As an industry, Nollywood is thought to be worth around US$250m.

Odia Ofeimum says: “When Nollywood gets it right, there is something marvellous in having your stories told in a way that you can just lap up like syrup. Even when you know that the story has been badly told, you still want to know what comes next. There is a self-flattering in it for many Africans. And beyond that, people are generally looking for answers for questions that they don’t have answers to, and you can’t be too sure whether the next film might provide an answer.”

Listen to the full documentary



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