Africa’s “agricultural revolution”

An article in online magazine The Atlantic has examined what it describes as Africa’s “agricultural revolution”.

Vegetable crop in Burkina Faso (Credit: P. Casier/CGIAR)

The report, by Isobel Coleman of the Council on Foreign Relations, looks at the rise of innovation and technology in African agriculture, particularly a KickStart scheme to provide farmers with cutting edge irrigation technology.

The article argues that:

  • Increased irrigation could make African agriculture up to 50% more efficient;
  • Currently, only 6% of cultivated land in Africa is irrigated, meaning there is vast potential for development;
  • New farming initiatives, such as a non-profit scheme to provide smallholders with portable pumps, “have already lifted 667,000 people out of poverty”; and,
  • Improved infrastructure and genetically modified crops are also contributing to the ‘agriculture revolution’.

Read the full Atlantic article.

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