Somalia: training base captured

Government forces, aided by African Union troops, have taken control of Lanta Buro, reports the BBC.

Lanta-Buro, a major Islamist training base in Somalia, has been captured by a joint task force of Somali government and African Union soldiers. The base was captured without a shot being fired after al-Shabab fighters withdrew, a deputy army in the Somali military told the BBC.

General Abdikarin Yusuf said that following the Lanta-Buro mission, the next target would be the coastal town of Merka.

Observers say the capture of Lanta-Buro, 40km (25 miles) west of the capital Mogadishu, is a major setback for the al-Qaeda group.

Lanta-Buro is one of six al-Shabab training bases in Somalia. The al-Qaeda affiliated group still controls large areas of the country, but is being stretched by intense military pressure in multiple locations.

You can read the full BBC report here.

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