Nigeria: Boko Haram: 8 killed in military raid

8 suspected members of the terrorist organisation, responsible for the deaths of 165 people in January, have been killed by Nigerian military forces, reports Vanguard.

The raid was carried out on Tuesday on a suspected Boko Haram safe house in the city of Kano, and caused an alleged five hour armed confrontation.  The hideout has been described by a source as an “armoury”. Vanguard quotes the anonymous military source as stating: “The military succeeded in killing eight gunmen, arrested five others and discovered five high-calibre bombs and 15 other low-calibre bombs. All these are homemade.”

The raid came on the same day as Boko Haram was alleged to have attacked a police station in another district of Kano, and follows the bombing attacks of January 20th which killed 165 people.

Pressure had been mounting on Nigerian authorities to act decisively on Boko Haram. Today’s events follow the arrest of alleged Boko Haram spokesperson, Abu Qaqa last week.

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