One million gamers sign up to fight hunger

The World Food Programme’s, an online game that allows players to improve their vocabulary while fighting global hunger, reached one million registered players in early January.

Originally launched in English in 2007, had within a month raised enough rice to feed over 50,000 people for a day. It was also named one of the best charity sites of 2011 by Netted, the PanAfrican News agency (PANA) reports. 

“When one million people each do their small part, the collective effect is beyond impressive — it’s extraordinary,” Nancy Roman, WFP Director of Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnerships, says in the WFP press release. “Beyond the remarkable benefits for those most in need, this is a significant milestone for WFP in our mission to engage millions of people online in the fight against hunger.”

Its appeal is simple: Answer a vocabulary question correctly, and 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations WFP.

Since its beginning, an estimated 100 billion grains of rice have been donated from players in 179 countries by answering 2.5m trivia questions. According to the release, that’s enough to feed nearly 5 million people for a day.

The money uses to purchase the rice comes from advertisers on the site.

To view the WFP’s Freerice infographic click here.

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